Behind the Lens meet Brittney Wesley

Well Hello There!

My name is Brittney Wesley. I am a small town girl whom is living a Big Time dream. I am a Full Time, Destination Portrait Photographer based out of the South Dallas Fort Worth Area. I book Two Weddings a month (often out of state), and up to 4 sessions a week, year round. That's correct, I always have my camera's ready and my bags packed. I will travel the entire United States documenting your special moments.

I specialize in capturing my clients true self with real emotion. From those sweet Baby Cheeks, to beautiful Beachfront Weddings, I enjoy it all. I have always been directed by all of my Professors and Mentors that I need to "Specialize in one area of Photography." I simply can not find myself to do so. I enjoy telling my clients Full Story so much I can not find it in me to "only photograph" a portion of their life. From their Prom Nights, through the Engagements, to their "I Do's", and then the Birth of their Beautiful Babies, and everything in-between. How can I leave any part of that journey out? That is what makes My Journey so unique. I am able to be a part of all of your tender moments and document them to the best that I can. Leaving you with a life time of Timeless Portraits that will be a reminder of that moment in your life forevermore.

By shooting all of your Life Moments I have found that it creates a bond between myself and you that is true and sincere. To me that relationship is irreplaceable. I am able to be in all of those moments with you. I soon begin to know and understand you and in return I am able to Photograph moments that represent just that, you. It is a very special relationship and one I would not trade for anything. My Specialty is YOUR STORY! All of it! 

My Obsession for Photography began in 2001. My High School Sweetheart gifted me with a Nikon N65. It was a 35mm film camera and I immediately fell head over heals. (For him and the Camera.) I am grateful that my journey begin in the film industry. I believe that learning on Film truly taught me the ergonomics of a camera. It's important to understand Aperture, ISO and Shutter Speed and how they each play an important role in taking an image under different situations and environments. I think that it would be so easy in today's "digital world" to become discontent with the technique of Photography. I value that part of my Photography Journey and feel that it has had a great impact on my skills today. Everyday I continue to study and grow in my business. Photography has changed drastically since I began in 2001. I strive to continue to grow with the changes in the industry. I am passionate about what I do and strive to only offer and provide the best to my clients. 

In 2002 I married my High School sweetheart. He continued to push me to pursue Photography as a Career. In 2006, after years of practice, studying and perfecting my skills, (and a big move to the DFW area) I officially opened Life's Enchanted Moments Photography. To this very day I still have multiple clients that I shot that first year in business. I have documented them for 11 years and feel very honored to be a part of all of their families milestones and yearly sessions. They have become great friends to me and I value them for believing in me and my dream. 

Today I have been married for 15 years, and we have 3 beautiful children. I simply can not imagine a better life. I travel shooting glamorous Weddings, and get to be in the room when a brand new baby enters this world. I do this while having an incredible family that loves and supports me in every step of my journey. I do not know what I would do without my wonderful husband and amazing children. I can not imagine a better life for myself. I am very blessed!


Fun Facts about me:

  • I LOVE animals. We have 2 dogs, a Great Dane and a Miniature Dachshund. (AND I have Puppy fever like crazy right now!)
  • I loathe shoes. I want to be barefoot always. 
  • I do not like Chocolate Ice Cream.
  • While I edit I stream sermons and very much look forward to that time. It's very therapeutic to me. 
  • I Love road trips. It doesn't matter where we are going, I just love to go. 
  • I have been known to stop traffic to help a Turtle and a Duck cross the road. (on more than one occasion)
  • I have a Bubbly Personality.
  • When I am at home, every evening ends in snuggles in my bed with my entire family and kisses goodnight. 
  • I have a goal of doing Hospital Animal Therapy with my Great Dane and hope to start Fall of 2017.
  • I care greatly about others opinions about me.
  • Im a perfectionist.
  • I am the mommy of 8, with 3 living children. I can't wait to see my angels again one day.
  • My happy place is camping with my Husband and children. 
  • I Love all seasons, but my favorite season to Photograph in is Fall.
  • I struggle with using Props and prefer shooting without them. I have a very difficult time "posing" with the use of props. 
  • Im a sucker for chips and salsa. 
  • I have my Cosmetology License and Practiced for 6 years before being able to Support myself Full Time as a Photographer. 
  • I CAN NOT STAND snakes or mice but will hold a frog or lizard. 
  • I LOVE my husbands Homemade Banana Pudding.
  • I am a dreamer. 
  • I do not have many Pictures of myself taken with an actual camera. I am always the one behind it, not in front of it. 
  • I truly love people, in all walks of life. I believe we all have a right to our beliefs and will not let differences in opinion come in between the relationship that could become. In saying that, I wish the same respect be shown to me.